The Traditional Chinese Wedding Item you cannot forget to Bring in Oriental Theme Wedding

Chinese wedding items

Managing an oriental Asian wedding celebration always lead us to choose three options: whether it is Chinese, Korean, or Japanese theme. Well, for more specific explanation, we would like to discuss the Chinese wedding theme first in this post. Indeed the oriental taste of the wedding ceremony in China is a lot more sacred and have many rituals to do from wedding procession to the wedding banquet. Regarding those rituals you should not forget about these three Chinese wedding items to bring in.

Chinese wedding items

Chinese wedding items

Thing that should be there in Chinese wedding themes

The first thing you need to always remember to bring as Chinese wedding items is the wine and tea. These two beverages are strict to the traditional Chinese wedding because there is this tradition in Chinese wedding that the groom should share the drink of wine with the parents as the narration of respects and responsibility. There is also the tradition to drink with the ancestor rituals as well by pouring a glass of wine along with the incense and inscription to those who have passed away.

The other Chinese wedding items and accessories you must not forget to place in your Chinese wedding themes is the porcelain and the Chinese jade stone as the embellishment. The Chinese’s old timers are referring those stuff as the noble things of the Dynasty which will actually boast up your oriental wedding to overwhelmed by prestige.

The other Chinese wedding items you should not forget to bring as the typical accessories of Chinese wedding is the lampion and the firecracker. The Chinese people are often celebrate their important occasion with the cheerful sounds such as instrumental music playing and singer, there is also this firecracker way and lampion as the symbol of life that has been become the culture from hundred years ago.

The other Chinese wedding items that will create the real oriental theme of your wedding comes extremely real is the paper paint of Chinese pattern. It can be painted as the decoration or as the ornaments that the groom held or wear and it can be painted in shape of Chinese symbol or written poetry or traditional themed pattern like flowers or dragon. Well, now you know what accessories you need to bring in for your Chinese wedding ceremony day. Keep cheers and have fun guys!

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