Be The Most Beautiful Brides with Wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur

wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia always becomes one of world’s tourist destinations. The tropical weather for the beautiful beaches, the great mounts and hills, and the sensation of oriental modernity are offered in Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur as the capital city. That’s why people decide to hold their wedding ceremony and reception in Malaysia. They will have different experience they never undergo previously. Everything needed for wedding are also provided in Malaysia. You can find wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, as the capital city of Malaysia, has reached total modernity. This city has been regarded as the metropolitan city. The panorama is totally stunning. The twin towers of Petronas are the famous landmark that will make your wedding perfect. Moreover, many famous and great makeup artists live in KL. The wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur is ready to turn you into the most beautiful bride.

Be an Oriental Princess with Nicole

If you want to have an oriental look for your wedding, Nicole PSY Bridal Makeup is the perfect wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur. Beginning her career as a freelancer in Taiwan since 2007, Nicole got many notable experiences for her future job in her homeland. The beauty course she took when she were in Taiwan improved her ability to change the common girls into the stunning Asian brides. Her works are fresh, natural and gorgeous. The result impresses her customers. This is the most perfect Kuala Lumpur wedding makeup for those who want to be the oriental princesses.

Desmond and Korean Concept

Korean makeup is totally impressive with the soft touches, natural look yet wonderfully beautiful. You can find Korean makeup as one of the best wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur. Meet Desmond Bridal Makeup. This Kuala Lumpur bridal makeup involves the professional hairstylists and makeup artists that apply Korean concept for their customer. The elegant and simple style combines with strong proficiency. This awesome combination works for any skin color. It is very superb for photo session or reception and blessing ceremony.

Rani WI: Bridal Makeup for Everyone

Rani WI Makeup is a wedding makeup in Kuala Lumpur that uses a different makeup technique. It is airbrush makeup technique. This technique creates such a wonderful result for pre-wedding, wedding, engagement, fashion and beauty. People can freely mix and match the style and express their inner self with airbrush technique. Rani’s touches for her Kuala Lumpur wedding makeup create a wonderful result that suits any wedding style and tradition. Regardless the race, skin color, and others, women have a special right to be beautiful in their wedding.

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Wedding Gown Malaysia

Wedding Gown Malaysia

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